Teens Involved


Here's what's happening in our teen group at Fellowship...We currently do not have an 'official' youth group. This is basically due to the fact that we don't have a particular person who can 'work with' the teens at this point. BUT, all of our teens are INVOLVED in ministry. We encourage every teen to pick a ministry at Fellowship and jump in.

Our teens help with games, supervision, teaching lessons, doing puppet shows...pretty much whatever needs to be done. And that's what ministry is all about!!!

Also, our teens are joining with the adults on Sunday morning for Bible study in the book of John. Pastor Meyer teaches this class and open discussion and feedback are encouraged. The teens are welcome and fit in well in this casual setting.

During the week, our teens get involved in groups from other churches in the area that are Bible-based and attend their teen meetings. There are larger groups and activities and it's a place to meet other kids. What a great idea!!

Another ministry of our church that includes the teens is mission trips. We are eager to see our teens get out in the world and 'get dirty' ministering to the needs of others. It may be in FL, spending some time with the needs of the migrant workers and their families in the central part of our state. OR, it may be crossing cultural lines and language barriers to reach out to the small church struggling in Russia. Fellowship Bible Church supports these outreach opportunities for our teens.