Way down in the gorgeous Caribbean is the lovely island of St.
Lucia. The Morgan's are native born and are back reaching their people with theological education, leadership development and sports evangelism. They have established several churches and are purchasing land and putting up church buildings for the glory of God.

Morgans-St. Lucia

This couple is amazing. They have the energy of folks half their
age. Bob and mary Anne travel all over Europe and Canada supporting and encouraging the folks in the Word of Life Europe family with conferences, music and training. Mary Anne is heavily involved in Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) and speaks at their meetings often. Bob has ministered with Word of Life (WOL) throughout Europe for over 50 years. They love the Lord and are committed to seeing countries in Europe impacted through the lives of their teens through WOL camps and Bible Institutes.



Their byline is "Evangelism, discipleship, and church planting in
partnership with Croatian believers." They are a young family who
followed God's call to the other side of the world, learned the
language and are now busy reaching the people of Croatia with the
wonderful news of the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. What a
heart for the gospel!



Blackwells-South Africa

Fellowship Bible Church has been missions minded since we opened our doors 16 years ago. We love to support the outreach of the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world and here in our own needy United States.

We currently support 7 from various mission boards. They all have been here at our church, some many times, to present their vision and calling. We hear from them on a monthly basis from countries like Croatia, Nicaragua, South Africa, Germany, St. Lucia, and our own Arcadia, FL.

Most of the mission outreach we support is involved in church planting, teaching and discipling the local people to reach their own people. We believe in the local church wherever it is established.

We also try to have at least 2 new missionaries a year come visit and present their field of mission. We can't always take on their support but often our own people will begin supporting a missionary personally. And, we believe that it is important for our people to see the worldwide need of reaching all people groups with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 


Don and Fay Clarke established His Ranch about 15 years ago to
reach out and minister to the hurting of our churches. They run a
working farm where people can come and rest and restore their souls.
They are dedicated to using God's Word and His mighty Holy Spirit to
change the lives of those that have traveled the tough roads of life.
Biblical restoration to a life of victory is their goal.

Greg & Beatta Breier-Word of Life, Germany

    Gregor and his wife, Beatta, as busy serving the Lord near Munich,
Germany with the teens and kids camp ministry. Gregor is an
accomplished musician who writes musicals that portray biblical
characters. He travels all over Germany each year presenting this
ministry to reach the young generation of his country. Teens and their
families are saved and impacted for eternity through this great

The Edgars have a multifaceted ministry among the people in  and around Managua, Nicaragua. They plant churches, run an amazing summer camp program, have established a terrific seminary for training of the men called into the ministry, and impact their local communities with outreach and love. They are doing an amazing job.

Bruce and Laura Edgar-Nicaragua

The Blackwells are centered in Cape Town, South Africa. They are
involved in multi-lingual church planting throughout this vast and
diverse country. Michael followed his Mom and Dad into missions to
teach, evangelize, and disciple alongside his wife, Heidi. They are a
great team.