Message From The Pastor

Good morning,

     Now that I have reworked my weekly schedule, I will try to update this on a regular basis. My goal is that every Monday I will get some new 'stuff' on this page for all to read and stay up to date with what is going on at Fellowship Bible Church. 

     I trust that those who are out of state, or unable to get to church on a regular basis will find this page helpful to keep in touch with the heartbeat of Fellowship.


It's Tuesday afternoon and the weather is beautiful. It is wonderful living in this terrific climate. We are blessed. Sue is out slaving away, keeping all the $$ coming in. Rachel and I are just relaxing.

This morning, Rachel and I drove over to Pelican Rd. and met a new pastor and wife that just moved here from NYC. We are going to help them move in tomorrow morning. If you can help, please be at 460 Pelican Rd. at 9:00 a.m. with all your muscles. They are Vinnie and Terri Sawyers. They plan on starting a ministry that will train pastors in Third World countries to win and disciple their own people. They will be living here in Venice. We hope to be a blessing to them by helping them move in. They seem like nice people.

Some of our praises: Larry Pelotte received the VA benefits he was looking for.

      Sammy Lomas is recovering well. So is Don Richter with his 'new' knee.

      Our daughter, Meilssa, will be opening a new safe house with her ministry in Atlanta. This is a great praise, but also an even greater prayer request for wisdom and direction for those in charge.


Upcoming dates:

   This Thursday is our Joe Muggs Coffee Club at Books-a-Million at 1:00 p.m. This is for the men of our church for fellowship and handling the world's problems.

    This Saturday is our first 2014 "Stay Connected" cookout here at our home at 4400 Zenith Rd. in Venice. Please join us. We'll be having a trivia challenge, too. Awesome!!

  Hope you are having a blessed day and week. God is sooooo good to our ministry. We love Him for his grace and blessings here in Venice.

Stay in touch,

Pastor John